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AAUW promotes equity for women and girls through advocacy, education and research.


AAUW values and seeks a diverse membership. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of gender, race, creed, age, or sexual orientation.

AAUW provides many opportunities for women to explore their interests.  Books, foods, the arts, trips, whatever, but always with a focus on the role of women.  Our goal is to foster and encourage women “to stand up and be counted”

AAUW Statement on the Passing of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The following is a statement by AAUW CEO Kimberly Churches:

America lost one of our most beloved role models tonight, a pioneering jurist and iconic feminist who blazed new trails, not only in her own life, but in the lives of the countless women she championed — and inspired. On behalf of AAUW and its members and supporters who recognized Justice Ginsburg with a 1999 AAUW Achievement Award, we extend our condolences to her family, her colleagues and to every American whose lives and hearts she touched. The nation owes it to her — and to all women — to honor her final wishes and refrain from naming a replacement until after a new president is inaugurated.

A message from Judith Kraines, Public Policy Chair

I was not yet a member of AAUW when Title IX was signed into law in June, 1972. (Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in education.) I joined soon after and learned how involved AAUW members had been in getting it through Congress.
Nearly 50 years later, AAUW says:
“From sexual harassment to disparities in STEM education, students are still experiencing discrimination in school. In addition, since the passage of this landmark civil rights law, opponents have sought to weaken it; currently, the U.S. Department of Education is working to systematically dismantle Title IX protections. We must provide schools with the resources they need to fully realize Title IX’s promise of equity in education.”
We can do that with the Patsy T. Mink and Louise M. Slaughter Gender Equity in Education Act (GEAA) of 2019. Our foremothers hand-wrote letters, visited Congress in person and orchestrated campaigns; we can be two-minute activists.
Actually, once you are signed up it takes less than two minutes to send a letter to your Congressional Representative and Senators. AAUW will send you an action alert. If it’s an issue you care about, click the link. It takes you to a secure website and a pre-written (well-written) letter on the topic. You may edit the letter however you like. When you hit submit, you may need to certify you are not a robot and give your address so the official knows you live in their district. Done.
Click here to go to Two Minute Activist
It will take you to the page with all the issues AAUW lobbies on. Scroll to the end of the list and you will find the dialogue box to sign up for the action alerts. You only need to give your email address and your zip code (so they can place you in the correct Congressional District).
We don’t have to work as hard as our foremothers. But we can make a big difference for our grandchildren and their children. It only takes two minutes.

AAUW members visit Brandywine Museum’s Exhibit, Votes for Women

AAUW members are finding fun ways to continue activities during the pandemic. Recently a group of members took a trip to the Brandywine Museum to see their Votes for Women Exhibit.

AAUW visit Brandywine

Vicky Heffner, Education Curator of Berks History Center, Eileen Ritz, Carol Toomey, Ellie Hunt, Hallie Vaughan




Fortunately we were able to celebrate  the historical event of women’s right to vote.  Our “suffragists” were able to perform their reenactment of  these brave women who risked so much to get our government to grant women the right to vote Unfortunately  the subsequent presentations to be held at the Kickoff of the Centennial in Berks County had to be cancelled;  the AAUW State convention to be held in Harrisburg in April of this year has also been postponed to July of 2020.

Stay abreast for news of cancellations and/or rescheduling of events by reading the Communications Memo emailed by Eileen Ritz, our Communications Director.

Berks Women’s History Alliance in conjunction with local groups including AAUW held a “Curbside” Celebration of the 100th Year Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage on August 26 at Berks History Center’s Henry Janssen Library. (Click here for details and photos).

Keep abreast of the events in Berks County as we celebrate 2020 centennial commemorating the ratification of the 19th Amendment. Website: www.berkssuffrage2020centennial.org

LUNAFEST was a great success and we thank all who so generously supported this program. The food and films were enjoyed by all.

NOTE: For the safety and health of the volunteers and donors, Book Bonanza will suspend the collection of books effective immediately.  The Book Bonanza Executive Committee will continue to monitor the situation and will determine the best time to resume collections for the July fundraiser.  Updates will continue to be posted on the Friends of Berk County Public Libraries Facebook page and on  http://www.berksbookbonanza.org

Read more about the role of AAUW in the celebration of the Centennial in Purple Sashes and Persistent Women, AAUW Pennsylvania 2020 Yearbook.

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