Book Bonanza

Book Bonanza is our annual book sale co-sponsored by the The Friends of Berks County Public Libraries and the AAUW Reading Branch.  It is AAUW’s  fundraiser to provide scholarships for Berks County  women.  The Friends use their funds to support library services in Berks County.

We were fortunate to be able to have this year’s sale in the VF Red Building again.  The sale was held on the 3rd floor, the same floor in the Red Building as before just in different space.

The books sale was a great success this past July.  further information to follow as we are provided with information on the future location, dates and time for 2018

Book collection is currently on hold since we still need to find a location for next year’s collection and sale.

Book Bonanza has a new website, where you can look for the latest information about what is happening, the sale, donations, volunteering, future news when available, and how to contact Book Bonanza.

Reading is a powerful tool