Women’s Suffrage Centennial Celebration

Berks Women’s History Alliance holds “Curbside”
Celebration of the 100th Year Anniversary of Women’s Suffrage

The nonpartisan Berks Women’s History Alliance (BWHA) held a drive-through
celebration of the 100th year anniversary of women achieving the right to vote in America. The event, scheduled from 5:00 to 7:00p.m. (rain or shine) on Women’s Equality Day August 26, 2020, was held at the Berks History Center parking lot located next to the Berks History Center’s Henry Janssen Library at 160 Spring St., 19601.
Each participant was handed a free 100th Women’s Suffrage Anniversary commemorative tote bag filled with information and items celebrating this historic milestone. One of the items inside the bag was a video showcasing local suffragist reenactors who were on hand to
meet people and distribute the bags.                                                                                                           In keeping with current state guidelines participants were asked to maintain social distance and wear masks.                                                                                                                                                 “I’m proud that the creative and determined members of the Berks Women’s History Alliance refused to allow the COVID-19 crisis to destroy our plans to acknowledge the 100th Anniversary of Women earning the right to vote in America,” said Penny Guido, one of the leaders of the Berks Women’s History Alliance. “Our curbside celebration may be a bit unorthodox but it offered the public a safe way to participate and learn about the 72-year fight for women’s right to vote.”                                                                                                                                                        AAUW members participating in the event were Judith Kraines as Susan B. Anthony, Ellie Hunt as Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Carol Toomey as  Anna Howard Shaw, Eileen Ritz as Lucy Burns, Suzanne Churgai as Abigail Adams, Nancy Wolfgang as Carrie Chapman Catt and former AAUW member Hallie Vaughan as Alice Paul.                                                                                                  The Berks Women’s History Alliance canceled the Berks Suffrage 2020 Centennial Dinner originally planned for August 26 due to concerns regarding the health and safety of attendees due to concerns around COVID-19.

L to R AAUW members Judith Kraines, Eileen Ritz, Hallie Vaughan(former member), Carol Toomey, Nancy Wolfgang and Suzanne Churgai

Ellie Hunt and Judith Kraines as Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony

Judith Kraines and Carol Toomey

Carol Toomey and Suzanne Churgai hand out commemorative tote bags

Votes for Women